Welcome to Family Abeyance, Inc.

Delayed parenthood through cryonics

“Until you’re ready”

Family Abeyance Inc uses cutting-edge technology to provide a new option for expectant mothers. Our company ensures that people do not become parents until they are prepared for the prospect. With groundbreaking research teams, renowned physicians, and secure facilities, Family Abeyance Inc is well-equipped to care for parents and their children.

With Family Abeyance, expectant mothers will receive top prenatal care and counseling throughout their pregnancies. After nine months, we guide mothers through a safe delivery of the baby and place it in a state of suspended animation. This process is completely safe and utterly pain-free. The fetus can be kept in this state of suspension until the family is ready to welcome it into their lives. Although the average holding time is ten years, the fetuses can be reanimated at any time and stored indefinitely. Whether it takes a year, ten years, or even twenty, the child will be completely safe with Family Abeyance. Once reanimated, Family Abeyance caregivers will bring the baby to parents at our Welcome Center, where the family can spend time getting to know their child before taking it home with them to stay.

Why give up your baby when you can choose abeyance?